School Board approves changes to administrator titles and salary schedules

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After some discussion at the previous school board meeting, the board voted to approve changes to the administrator job and salary schedule based on recommendations by Education Management Solution (EMS).

There was previously some concern over EMS failing to speak with certain administrators whose jobs would be affected by the changes.

In a follow up addressing concerns about the EMS report, it was explained that the EMS assessors specifically avoided speaking with some employees because hey did not want to become biased by individual performances while looking at job descriptions.

Claudette Adams, WJUSD Accounts Payable Technician, thanked the board for listening to her at the previous meeting and considering her points.

She went on to say that she believes that EMS did not take into the school district’s small size when looking at the accounts payable position. Adams felt that the EMS did not fully listen to employee concerns when they spoke in a phone conversation.

This new report won’t affect current employees, who will be grandfathered in to the new schedules.

It will only apply to people who are applying to administrative positions in the Winters School District.


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