School board focuses on tightening up internet security over summer

The school district’s technology coordinator says finding a balance between access and security is challenging but important.

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pgrades to critical systems within the district with emphasis on increased security. Studer said it was important to make sure the district is providing people access to the internet, but not exposing ourselves to things are a challenge with technology. This included upgraded security measures for a demilitarized zone for all public-facing servers, server security upgrades and content filters and an artificial intelligence (AI) Chromebook filter and self-harm detection (introduced this onto student Chromebooks).People were literally trolling websites and saying if it is good and bad,” Studer said. “With the add-in of AI, the filters are learning. It looks at student behavior and learns if it’s appropriate, and can tell if a student is saying she/he wants to harm self.” Students hired through the Chromebook Repair Certification Camp were able to re-certified over 2,000 Chromebooks, and the district is bringing in 334 new Chromebooks in for students. “We are going to be able to retire our seven-year old Chromebooks,” said Studer. “Which haven’t been supported for a few years. Waggoner will be able to utilize better Chromebooks.” Director of Educational Services Sandra Ayón presented this summer the Winters Joint Unified School District partnered with the City of Winters 2018 Muchkin Summer Camp. “We did something really exciting and we partnered with the city munchkin camp. It’s a chance for our students to get a more enriched environment for more opportunities,” said Ayón. Nicole Jordan Halley runs the program and worked with the school district to grow the program this year. The Munchkin Summer Camp traditionally serves Winters students going into first grade through eight grade. Ayón said the program is mandated for migrant and special needs students eligible for Extended School Year services and the partnership created an opportunity to better serve their needs. “We were able to serve more students. We provided transportation and teachers,” said Ayón. “One changes for next year is a nutrition component.” Ayón and Jordan Halley were able to learn from the few bumps they experienced at the beginning of the program and will use them to better plan and grow it for the 2019 summer season. “We were visited by the regional manager of Migrant,” said Ayón. “She was really strict on what the rules were and what we could do. She was very impressed with her walk through at Waggoner.” Ayón shared praise for Pat Scholl, a Winters Middle School math teacher, who worked with high school level special needs students in the summer camp. She said Scholl’s goal in life is to ensure that when our students leave they have learned something important. “She pushed them out of their comfort zone so they were advocating for themselves,” said Ayón. Scholl said she communicated with both local businesses to make sure they knew what the students were going to be working on and helped to provide students with a script on how to ask for things. “My purpose was I wanted them to learn something and get out in the real world and participate with language,” said Scholl. “The community was magnificent.” Other Items: ~ Superintendent Todd Cutler shared that the Summer Food Program served 350 meals a day throughout the summer. He said Cathy Olsen, the food service director,  reported the program was very strong the first week and dropped off a little bit before increasing again at the end. According to Olsen’s report Monday and Friday were the least attended days serving only 250-275 meals on average. ~ Studer introduced new technology teammates college intern Jossten Childs and new Senior Technology support specialist, William “Bill” Montgomery. ~ The board unanimously approved to continue partnership with not only the after school program, the safety program and after school child and adult care food program ( which snacks for children in after school program).]]>

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