Some things must be released, others kept

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Things you remember about your life are not of the true events. What you are remembering is the last time you remembered the same event.

The memories never get clearer, they only get fuzzier and a little less clear.

Thus, we leave everything behind because every memory develops into something that is never fixed in facts of the original events of our lives.

When we are older and near the end of our time on this Earth, some of us complicate the experience with pains and trauma we have developed within our own minds.

So, moving forward is like driving with one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must leave all the hurt and pain behind; we must learn how to let go.

The energy it takes to hold on to the past keeps us from moving on, so we must release the pain and the fear, for they have no base in reality.

I try to let go of something every day and that becomes easier for me as I get older.

The largest of the things I have released (and the hardest) was something that I lived with for many, many years and that is the idea of enemies.

`From a very young age, only my enemy could show me my weaknesses.

“Only my enemy could tell me who and where they were, and they told me when they would strike. I found it was true that my enemy was also my teacher and it only teaches destruction.” (The Art of War, Sun Tzu)

The idea of the future is another biggie for me. The idea of planning for the future is nice to think about; when the future arrives, it is nothing like you had thought it would be like. The truth is that life is a constant series of unplanned events that force you to adjust and readjust to your surroundings.

According to Charles Darwin, survival has absolutely nothing to do with strength and intelligence, and everything to do with your ability to adjust and manage change.

A successful life experience depends on so many things. Your actions, the actions of others, tactics, adaptability, experience, sportsmanship, friendship, and good old plain luck are all needed if you are ever to win.

Associate with adaptable people, help them adapt, and they will help you. It is important to remember that people only change when they have to or when they want to.

Remember that no one can truly hurt you except those that you love — everything else you can shake off as unimportant.

In days past, I would complain about opportunity. I would say all the good opportunities have been taken and they were now far and few between. There is nothing I found that was farther from the truth than this idea, for the world is changing at such a rapid pace, faster and faster every moment.

`New opportunities spring forth at the speed of light, but it is up to you to recognize what they are and how to catch them.

You can try to alter or correct conditions so they are more favorable to you but it is very important to learn how to adjust yourself to conditions if you desire success.

Old proverbs tell us that a wise man must adapt to circumstances and if you fall seven times you must get back up eight times. It is true that we can’t fail if we don’t try.

Just as there are things you must release, there are things you must keep until the very end. It may sound old-fashioned, but truth, honor and service to others all will make you happy in the end.

It was all too late in my life that I found this to be true. It is important that you see this as truth. It matters not when or where you realize this but it does matter that before you leave this world know that all of these things along with love freely given will put that final smile on your face as you fade into darkness.

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