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To the woman who let her dog off leash and stood by knowing he would seek out Eddy the coffee house cat: Shame on you.

The community will come together and help with the vet fees. We will be here to hold hands and cry with one another as we climb the wooden stairs to Steady Eddy’s and think of his furry face.

You just left. You watched your dog bolt around the corner and you watched Eddy suffer, and when faced with the reality that you’re responsible for his tragic death, you bailed. Like a coward.

Spread this around. Or write your own letter, I don’t care. I want that person to see this. I want them to know that Eddy was special and his life was full of love and friends and ear scratches. I want her to know that little kids are sad they won’t see him anymore.

I want her to know that I, a grown woman, cried today walking in to the coffee shop because his pictures are everywhere and his food bowls were put away, and he is the actual logo. He’ll never be forgotten.



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