Support for crack down on illegally-parked RVs, trailers

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Police to start cracking down on illegally-parked RVs, trailers As a resident of Winters who walks the neighborhoods for daily exercise, I too have noticed RV’s and trailers parked for long periods of time with electrical cords and water hoses crossing the sidewalk, vehicles parked on residential streets for extended periods of time with expired registration tags, vehicles parked on lawns and dirt areas as well as on utility access covers. I think this reduces the charm of Winters’ neighborhoods and I’m hopeful that city officials include all residential neighborhoods within the city limits and not just the center of town where visitors come to enjoy all that Winters offers. For example, from the police department’s own parking lot one can see a trailer that has been parked on the street long enough for a 3-foot weed to grow through it and beyond that a camper trailer that has been parked in the street for weeks. Yes, I support sending officers out to educate and warn neighbors of violations. Also, these violations of the City ordinance are more likely than not also violations of our various neighborhood’s CC&R’s. There’s an RV storage facility on the west end of town where these RVs, campers, trailers and junk cars can be stored – support it! Rick von Geldern]]>

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