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Good afternoon esteemed and respected journalists and pillars of democracy. I was in the garage the other day, and in the middle of Nissa’s Operation Creek Cat equipment (AKA the Feral Industrial Complex), I discovered a page from last summer’s Express with the magpie article. It was excellent, but I was alarmed that a page from the Express almost made it to the bottom of a cat-trap without me seeing it first.

I shared it with an office colleague, who thought it was scholarly. It’s been posted in a common area of our office for many months.

Near our building is a group of 15-ish magpies living in three large heritage trees. They are doing well in their natural habitat, but do get an augmented diet of raw peanuts and Friskies airdropped out of my car near their trees. They also have a discrete summer water source.

One youngster has gotten wise and sometimes follows me around the property, along with a favorite blue jay. It keeps them healthy and most importantly, does help keep them away from areas deemed “no birds” land. That is the territory of a hired gun known as a “trained falcon.”

Thank you for the article, and keep up the journalism. We need it more than ever.


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