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I wish to thank Dr. Todd Cutler and the Winters School Board for selecting me to be inducted into the inaugural WJUSD Hall of Fame. I am extremely humbled and gratified to have been selected to receive this honor, having worked in Winters for 35 years among such a distinguished group of professionals. I am so very honored to be in this group of outstanding Winters School supporters, the three other inaugural recipients being Bobbie Greenwood, Richard Rominger and Jack Graf.

There have been so very many people in the school district and in the Winters community who helped me create one of the very best art programs in Yolo County, and really in Northern California. This statement can be justified by the number of awards at The California State Fair (up to 72 one year), scholarships and advanced placement credits earned by WHS students during my tenure.

I appreciated the support given by John Balshor, Mike Roberts, George Griffin, Mort Geivette, Jerry Smith, Gloria Hahn, Susan Southworth, Everardo Arrelano, Senor Guzman, Dale Brewer, Elizabeth Coman, Susan Scheidegger, Gary Pitek, Pat Risser and yes, Jack Delbar. Thanks to the Winters School Board particularly Russ Lester, Mary Jo Rodofa, Rick Romney, Jay Shepherd and Valerie Whitworth.

I would also like to thank my family and friends for being supportive of me in my pursuits to advance my students and show off their wonderful art works. These people each helped me and the art department reach out to achieve some pretty lofty goals.

Of course, I offer my thanks to the students, parents and the entire community of Winters for opening their hearts to allow us to exhibit our work locally, offering their windows to be painted for Halloween, inviting us to paint faces, sell cookbooks, okra ornaments, etc. to raise money for our department, and allowing us to do community service in artistic ways.

Thanks also to the Winters Express for its generous coverage of the various art department events. It took a village.

I am very proud of my former students and their accomplishments, and I am very humbled and thankful for this honor being bestowed up on me.

I loved the kids. I think they knew it.


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