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I would like to thank all the people that helped to make the community Christmas Food Baskets such a success. We helped 190 families here in Winters. The Winters Christian Ministerial Association has been working hard since July to make this happen.

On behalf of the Winters Christian Ministerial Association I would like to thank the following: City Hall for the use of the Community Center, BW Balogh Construction for use of their trailer to hall the three large and heavy pallets, and the Church of Christ of Winters for their large donation to purchase the turkeys, also Jim Hyer, Duane Balogh, John Tufveson and Kathy Hartwell for the use of their trucks to go and get the pallets of food at Walmart, and Ray Boone for the use of his truck and trailer to carry the shopping carts over to the Community Center.

I would also like to thank the organizations of Winters for their food drives: First Baptist Church, St. Anthony’s Church, Winters Community Church, the Girl Scouts going around during Halloween gathering up food, the schools that participated in gathering food donations and Marie Heilman for the leftover cans of food from the Thanksgiving Dinner.

I would also like to thank the cash donations from: First Northern Bank of Winters, Ocean Chinese Restaurant, Winters Theater, the Nickum family, Erin Means-Reynoso and David Reynoso, Thomas Duncan and Judy Bean, Jacobs Orchards, Powell’s Countertops, Lester Farms, Knabke Farms Inc., Camile’s Hair Salon, Bella’s Boutique, Michael and Ava Williams, Pacific Hardware, Martinez Ranches, Inc.

I would like to thank all the kids, the adults and the Girl Scouts for helping out in our cart races.

I would also like to thank the counters Pam Balogh and Luis Alvarado that counted every food item that came in so we would know how much to give away in the food baskets.

I would also like to thank St. Anthony’s Church for the interpreters and their helpers.

A big thank you to Sue Boone for making the front tables run smooth so when the people came in with their tickets to check in the people could go and pick up their food baskets.

Thank you to Julie Ries for printing up the tickets, the posters where to sign up at, and the signup sheets.

Thank you again to everyone for all your hard work to make this happen!

KATHY SNOW HARTWELL/First Baptist Church of Winters

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