Timeless story of “Inherit The Wind” coming to Winters

Tickets for the gala opening of “Inherit the Wind” on Friday, March 8 will be $15.
Townspeople: Members of the Hillsboro community meet their champion, Matthew Harrison Brady. The play “Inherit the Wind” delves into the teaching of evolution and what that means to a community steeped in dogmatic belief in the Bible. Pictured (l-r) Tyler Tufts, Robert Payawal, Rachel Rominger, Scott Schwerdtfeger, Cameron Toney Will Oberholtzer and Ana Kormos.

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In 1925, the small town of Dayton, Tennessee played host to one of the great court cases of the early twentieth century, “The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes.”  In March 2019, the small town of Winters will host a play based on the “The Scopes Monkey trial” known as “Inherit the Wind.” The play delves into the controversy of teaching evolution in public school. The play is centered on high school science teacher Bertram Cates and his arrest for teaching Charles Darwin to his high school biology class. In the play, the small town of Hillsboro is clear it does not believe in evolution or the science on which evolution is based. The Bible is good enough for the townspeople. To defend their belief, the townspeople line up behind their champion, Matthew Harrison Brady. Brady, based on the trial’s actual prosecuting attorney William Jennings Bryant, is a clenched-toothed, pole-shaking preacher and believer in the Bible’s explanation of man’s creation. Defending Cates, and his right to think, is Henry Drummond. Drummond, based on the actual defense attorney Clarence Darrow, is a Chicago lawyer with small-town charm and un-assuming nature. The play is a dynamic examination of belief and how people react when that belief is challenged. While the play seems to be about “Evil-ution v. Old Wives Tales”, playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee made sure to begin the play with the direction: PLACE: A small town… TIME:  Summer. Not too long ago. Though the play was published in 1951, Lawrence and Lee seemed to know that “Facts v. Opinion” would be a theme from which America would not evolve. The production will open on Friday, March 8 and run through Sunday, March 24; Friday and Saturday shows will be at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday shows at 2 p.m. at the Winters Community Center at 201 Railroad Avenue in Winters. Tickets are $15 for the gala opening on Friday, March 8, which includes cheesecake, champagne, coffee and water. The show on Saturday, March 9, is a benefit for Winters Friends of the Library. Tickets for that show are $25, and include one drink (beer or wine) and dessert. For all other shows, ticket prices are $12 for adults, and $10 for seniors and children 12 and under. Tickets, and more information, are available on the Winters Theatre Company website at http://www.winterstheatre.org/, or by calling 530-795-4014. ]]>

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