Too much progress, not enough golf

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blankOnce upon a time, Warren Buffett spent time with my wife, former Winters resident Sandy Hirsch, and I even captured a picture of them together while they talked about expansion, stocks etc. Both are such down to earth people !

Buffett spent his early years with Berkshire Hathaway coming to Lake Tahoe and Reno, and like Sandy from the other Biggest Little City found the charm of this biggest little city a great hideaway. Being the savvy investor that he is, he quietly purchased land in the southern area below the grade leading up to the lake, away from the casinos where it sat quietly for decades.

Winters, of course, has quietly gone on while maintaining a low profile for many years while conservation and wildlife thrived. Now both arenas are at the cusp of major development. People are asking where do we go from here ?

The land Buffett purchased is now getting covered with asphalt, shopping centers and housing are everywhere, and the freeway changed names so that government funding can be used for upgrades…

Water resources are getting tapped, and Tesla and Amazon have already arrived. Is this 21st Century progess?

Welcome to America.


I love writing about golf because I love people like I love my next breath, and I feel everyone should experience the game. With me, you’ll find a schoolboy grin when you want to talk about golf.

When I lost my health and never thought I’d play again, I was devastated, but the nature of the game provides an atmosphere to heal… and I did !

Golf provides a way of winning — be it through personal challenges or competing against others. When I was young and brash, I attacked the course and competed like it was war but today I enjoy the company of my playing partners in the great outdoors. Every community should have a golf course as it’s good for the soul.

As we bob and weave through the daily challenges of today’s world, its important to take time out and reflect on the good things with others.

Just going to a driving range or the practice putting green for an hour or two with a good friend gives you the pause that refreshes. It’s the American Dream coming to life!

Enjoy the game and Keep Swinging Easy …

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