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I have had the distinct pleasure of serving as your elected City Clerk for last 30 years and have decided it will be my last term. When I became an employee in 1986 there was an elected City Clerk who was going to the City Council meetings and transcribing minutes while putting herself through Sac State. She graduated and soon gave her notice that she would be resigning during her term and moving out of Winters. The Council was then tasked with appointing another clerk to fill out the remaining two year term. Since the clerk worked in my department, the City Council appointed me as the new clerk as to keep the clerk functions the constant.

When the term ended in two years, there was no one filing papers to run for office, so the City Manager and I decided that I would throw my hat in the ring to again keep the clerk duties in my department. Long story short that is what has happened over all these years. Forty dollars a meeting just really wasn’t enough to entice a lot of interest. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved being the City Clerk for the City of Winters!

Winters has had an elected City Clerk since 1898 when it was incorporated. This could change on June 5, 2018. The City Council has decided to submit to the City voters the question of whether the elective offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer should be an appointed position instead of elected by vote of the City electorate and that this question be submitted to the voters at the statewide general election in June.

In California about 75 percent of cities have appointed city clerk. The City Clerk’s position has come a long way since I began. It is an administrative position requiring technical skills and specialized knowledge of election laws/systems, conflict of interest, records management, public records requirements and more. A City Clerk should be selected based on prof qualifications and experience. The City Clerk would be subject to the same performance standards as other City employees, but would maintain the independent integrity of the office through the sworn oath.

With the elective process, the only qualifications that can be required of an elected clerk by law are residency and age. Poor performance by an elected clerk can only be addressed through a recall process.

The community needs a professional City Clerk and City Treasurer with the organizational skills, knowledge of the law and regulations governing municipal government and a commitment to public service. The City Clerk and City Treasurer should be selected based on professional qualifications and experience, not the results of a political campaign.

It is time to join the majority of California cities and move to a more efficient government consolidating these positions with our exiting staff that I have had the pleasure of working with and am very confident of. They will serve the community well!

Nanci Mills
Winters City Clerk

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