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I am a senior at Winters High School. Recently in my English class, we have been discussing gun violence and school shootings; discovering what these tragic events mean to those involved, and as well as what they mean to us. In this letter, I would like to discuss with you what I would propose as a solution to lower gun violence in the U.S.

In 2016, the U.S. had a total of 300 mass shootings, and within the first three months of 2018, there has already been 57 accounted for, most if which are school shootings. If we compare the U.S. to another country, such as Australia, we would find major number differences.

In 1996, Australia experienced a mass shooting, now known as the Port Arthur Massacre, where 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. After this horrifying event, serious actions were quickly taken to prevent future mass shootings. The Australian government banned automatic and semiautomatic firearms, adopted new licensing requirements, established a national firearms registry, and instituted a 28-day waiting period for gun purchases. As a student and a U.S. citizen watching many schools being taken down by mass shootings, I propose that the U.S. implement Australian gun laws.

I believe that my proposition will work because it will be much harder to obtain any firearm, as well as slow down the process dramatically. If Australian gun laws were put into place in the U.S., our streets and schools would be much safer. I am also a firm believer in locals being able to go to school or run an errand without the looming thought that someone may pull a firearm on them.

On the other hand, if everyone was given a gun, I strongly believe that gun violence in the U.S. would drastically increase because at that point, guns would be even easier to obtain than they are today. Then, in turn, continue to make the U.S. a less safe place and leave it as number one for mass shootings. Ultimately, the U.S. should adopt Australian gun laws to turn around the country’s mass shooting statistics.



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