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Response to the July 19 ‘Time to Beautify Winters” column was very interesting and good.  One comment heard many times was, “What about the roundabout?” It seems there is a lot of interest in the roundabout.  Not just interest but concern, displeasure, and stories of near accidents. Women, in particular, are concerned about aesthetics.  We like to see beautiful things. The appearance as you come from the east on Highway 128 leaves much to be desired. “When will some plants be put in?  It’s ugly as it is.” Comments like this. Men complained of near accidents. One gentleman actually had an accident. So I promised each reader of the column that I’d write about it.  The comments were voiced with wisdom, not just criticism. I cautioned that we need to be patient and that I hoped the concerns will be addressed by those responsible. Another reader suggested that I write about the country roads.  Many visitors to Winters come just to see the countryside, the sunflowers, the acres of tomatoes and other crops, “Just to get out of the city and into wide open spaces,” they say, “Just to see green, smell fresh air.” Comments like this can serve as reminders that we should be guardians of the beauty and bounty of nature. “I love to see the horses and cows in the fields,” one child with her mother said. “Can we get rid of the junk – cars, old equipment, weeds, tires, you name it?” someone else said.    I think so. I’ll dare to believe some readers will get on board, as it were, and help to beautify the Winters countryside.  I suggested that neighbor could help neighbor, put their own good equipment to work, if someone has a particular need to pitch in. Really. Think how good that would make a neighbor feel, especially if he’s older now and just can’t do it alone anymore. With an eye to how the town and countryside will impact visitors, in particular, we hope to attract more and more to Winters as a destination town and area. We can all assume an individual sense of responsibility and take pride in the results.   Another thought just occurred.  Isn’t it time to paint the Winters water tower?  How attractive would that be? Wow! Surrounded as we are with orchards and fields, how colorful depicting that on the water tower would be brightening the horizon!   Come on Winters. You are such welcoming people, now do what you can as a responsible community.  You will feel good about this, and deserving of the accolades that will come. ]]>

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