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In a recent issue of the Express was an article about how the California legislative and U.S. Congress is working on a provision to prevent Trump or any other president who comes after him from authorizing the first use of nuclear weapons. One flaw in this idea is that the use of nuclear weapons as an act of response to a first strike by another nation is exempt from the provision.

Recently, Hawaii was given an alarm that incoming missiles (supposedly nuclear) were on their way. I might assume that Trump was informed of this.

Did he authorize a counterstrike given the possibility he was advised by credible military advisors that the attack was real?

If nuclear missiles are really on their way, what is the president supposed to do, get congress together to declare war when there may be only 15 minutes to make a decision?

One more thing to consider: although many might believe we have an adequate missile interception system to destroy incoming attacks, the probability is that we do not. The doctrine of M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction) may no longer be a credible deterrent given the state of our aging nuclear capabilities, a lot of which date back to the 1950s Cold War Era and need to be updated.


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