Will there even be anyone left to write ‘Profiles in Carnage’?

“Cooler heads prevailing” prevented global destruction in 1962, but Kennedy is Donald Trump’s polar opposite. There will be no “Profiles in Courage” coming from this administration, only “Profiles in Carnage.”

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I’m just old enough to remember monthly air raid siren drills, although at the time, I didn’t really understand what they meant, I only understood that they terrified me. I’d run and hide whenever they sounded.

Everybody in the room who’s also old enough to remember that eerie wailing, raise your hand. Bonus points if you remember the drills to get under your school desk in case of a nuclear attack because, as we all know, a school desk will absolutely prevent you from being melted on the spot.

OK, now everybody in the room who’s also old enough to remember the real deal on Aug. 6 and 9, 1945, keep your hands up. Please turn to your neighbor with his/her hand down and explain to him/her what “fire and fury” really means. Even better, write a note to our president because I’m fairly certain he failed world history and U.S. history, right along with U.S. government and civics. Because if he didn’t fail all those classes, the only other conclusion is that he’s a genuine sociopath: He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants.

It seemed we’d come so far in reducing nuclear arms. The horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed us that we must never get to that dire point again. The dropping of those bombs truly came at the “do or die” point, and resulted in Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II. Our backs were against the wall, and it came down to “us or them.”

We claim to be a Christian nation, but when push comes to shove, we ain’t turning the other cheek, or the other one either. Sorry, Jesus — pretty words, but… no. In the interest of congruity, we should restore the Pledge of Allegiance to its original version and remove the words “under God.” They weren’t put there to honor the Almighty, they were added in 1954 to jab the godless Soviet Communists in the eye during the Cold War.

Newsflash: God isn’t an American.

The pinnacle of the Cold War was surely the Cuban Missile Crisis, when we stared eye to eye with Russia, the other nuclear super power in the world. President Kennedy remained calm, sober and firm, and although Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had been openly disrespectful of our young and seemingly inexperienced president, in this game of nuclear chicken, Khrushchev ultimately backed down at the last possible moment. I suspect both leaders realized that nuclear war would only end badly for all concerned. If you need a crash course on global nuclear war, go watch the movie “War Games.” Pay close attention to the tic-tac-toe scene.

Maybe we should all send a copy to the Commander in Chief.

“Cooler heads prevailing” prevented global destruction in 1962, but Kennedy is Donald Trump’s polar opposite. There will be no “Profiles in Courage” coming from this administration, only “Profiles in Carnage.” If ever there was anyone grotesquely unequipped to deal with Kim Jong-Un, it’s Trump. That said, the two are cut from the same cloth: megalomanic sociopaths with the patience of overtired toddlers, both.

Just as we grimace and try to endure a toddler’s temper tantrum, the world has endured Jong-Un’s bombastic nonsense, but lately, it appears that there may be some truth to his ridiculous tirades. Ignoring him hasn’t worked. But does that mean the only possible next step is to see which country can blow the other off the planet first?

If you’re Donald Trump, yes. He was asking why he couldn’t use nuclear weapons before he even got elected, and claims that bolstering our nuclear weapons supply (if you can believe anything he says, and that’s a big, fat orange “if”) was amongst the first things he did when he took office. He’s been itching to launch those bombs since he walked through the White House door and, sadly, he has the ability to do so. Our defense system allows the president to launch those hellish weapons very quickly, because in the event that we’re actually attacked, speed is everything.

However, before we let Trump’s fat little hands dial in the nuclear launch codes, why not lean a lot harder on China to do something to contain that maniacal little weasel. Let them deal with the mess they created. That said, we have no real leverage on China because they have us by the financial stones. And also, their country is littered with American businesses (including Trump’s) that will scream bloody murder over an embargo, and we all know that money is more important than humanity’s survival.

(Side note: Who’s going to buy all their cheap Chinese-made crap when everyone’s dead?)

So far, China hasn’t said or done anything to indicate that they’re on our side when it comes to North Korea. Moreover, our usual allies haven’t given any indication that they’re on our side if we start bombing North Korea. We’re on our own, man.

So, in conclusion, the Four Horsemen are getting ready to saddle up.

Are we really staring Armageddon in the eye? Is a nuclear response the only possible option, as it was in World War II? Are we really there? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather someone — anyone — other than Trump was answering those questions.

At this horrifically alarming point in U.S. history, our Congress members must value our country’s security over their own reelections. Reelection is a moot point if there’s nothing left but scorched earth.

Congress is the thin Red and Blue line between survival and annihilation. We must insist they hold that line. I contacted my representatives this week, reminding them that their ultimate duty is to keep us safe, in particular, safe from the man in the Oval Office. I keep listening for rising voices from both sides of the aisle, objecting to this suicidal course we’re on, but all I hear is crickets. And the sound of pounding horse hooves. Four sets, to be exact.

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