Winters police see increase in vehicle thefts, city manager says

An increase in car thefts in Winters is being blamed on drivers leaving their keys in their vehicles.
FILE: Photo by Winters Police Department / Handout
FILE: Photo by Winters Police Department / Handout

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an arrest had been made in Contra Costa County in connection with the alleged theft. “Don’t leave your keys in the car, and don’t leave it unlocked,” Donlevy said. “For whatever it’s worth, lock your car and take your keys.” In an email with the Express on Friday, Winters Police Chief John Miller confirmed the agency had responded to seven car thefts in town since March. All of the vehicles were recovered, Miller said, and some — but not all — were connected to motorists leaving their keys in their unlocked cars or trucks. He said the Winters area was not alone in seeing a spike in vehicle thefts as police across the country have seen an increasing trend in these types of crimes. “Most, if not all, are crimes of opportunity,” Miller said. “We remind everyone of the ‘Take it, Lock it, or Lose it’ public education campaign: Take out valuable items (including keys) and lock your vehicles!”]]>

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