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June 12, 1903 The barbed wire telephone has become an institution. Dixon perfected a good system and Winters connected with it. James Chapman ran a line from the Chapman ranch to Winters, taking in some adjacent territory.

Fruit is moving from the Winters early fruit district, despite the notion that the season was a late one.

Just two months after the death of her husband, Henry Seaman, his widow Ellen Ryan Seaman, died while on a visit to San Francisco Wednesday morning.

A small barn on the Morris property at the northwest corner of Railroad and Grant avenues burned to the ground Saturday forenoon.

F. C. Hemenway has been engaged as teacher of the Davisville band.

Mrs. Will Thissell arrived Monday from Vallejo to spend the summer. Her daughter Lottie is already with her aunt, Mrs. A. C. Sullivan.

The Winters band began its summer series of open air concerts last Saturday night. They will play on the street every Saturday night for the next three months.

The parcel-post proposition is arousing considerable interest throughout the country and much pressure will be put upon congress next winter to pass some kind of bill.

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