Thousands of Yolo County ballots remain uncounted

Thousands of ballots have yet to be counted in last week’s primary election, the Yolo County clerk’s office said on Wednesday.
Staff and volunteers go through ballots at the Yolo County Clerk’s Office on June 13, 2018. Photo by Matthew Keys

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Yolo County officials provided updated information on the total number of unprocessed ballots cast in the primary election held earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Yolo County Clerk Jesse Salinas told the Express in a phone interview that approximately 19,000 ballots had yet to be counted. Today, the county provided more specific numbers: 16,546 vote-by-mail ballots, 2,181 provisional ballets, 304 duplicated damaged ballots and 113 conditional ballots are still being counted, according to a press release.

The total number of ballots yet to be counted is 19,144, about equal to the approximate amount provided on Tuesday.

Staff and volunteers were not counting ballots when an Express reporter visited the clerk’s office on Wednesday. Salinas explained that workers were reviewing the roll of registered voters so that counting could resume the following day.

Katherine Campos, the program manager for the clerk’s office, said in the press release that officials hope to have updated preliminary election result figures by Thursday afternoon. Salinas said the office hoped to have certified election results by next week.

Counting ballots by mail is a painstaking process that takes days to complete. Election officials have to open each ballot, log votes and verify signatures which requires peeling off a privacy seal by hand, Salinas said.

The county was required by law to continue accepting ballots until June 12. That deadline was for ballots received by others counties that were cast by voters registered in Yolo County, Salinas said. He did not have an exact figure as to how many of those uncounted ballots came from Winters voters.

Salinas said the public was invited to visit the Election Office to witness the process of verifying and processing the remainder of the ballots. The Election Office is located at 625 Court Street in Woodland.

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