Yolo County man sentenced to prison for role in drug trafficking operation

Prosecutor says Jarrett Swearengin was part of a much-larger meth and heroin trafficking operation that targeted Yolo and Sacramento Counties
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in an interview with the Express in July, Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig said that the drug problem in the city had gotten worse since voters approved Proposition 47 in 2014, an initiative that led to the lowering of penalties for possession of that and some other controlled substances in an attempt to reduce overcrowding in prisons. “It was in the wake of [Prop 47’s passage] that we started to see an uptick in property crimes really across the state,” Reisig said. “Winters started to see more of it…you couldn’t ignore it anymore.” Reisig said he believed drug treatment, and not prison, was the necessary first step for people who were identified with a drug addiction problem. But for some whom the prosecutor’s office and local law enforcement identified as “prolific offenders…where we’ve tried almost everything else and nothing’s working,” detention is seen as the solution to finally getting addicts the help that they need. Reisig also said one way to combat the drug problem is to “get to the root of the problem.” The arrest and ultimate conviction of Swearengin likely furthers this mission — get drugs off the streets and out of the hands of constituents by choking off the supply chain. In the same operation that netted in the arrest of Swearengin, seven other people were also arrested and have since entered pleas in cases heard in Yolo, Sacramento and Placer Counties, the district attorney’s office said.]]>

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