Yolo County DA gets grant fund for DUI program

The Yolo DA’s office says it focuses on DUI offenses involving injuries, deaths and drug use, including marijuana impairment.

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signed Senate Bill 65 into law which made driving under the influence of marijuana a punishable offense. The DUI outreach program has “reached nearly every high school in the area with live DUI trials” that are intended to hammer home the issue of driving while under the influence of marijuana. “Yolo County, along with all of California, will face a unique time in its history with cannabis becoming more accessible through businesses this year,” Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig said in a press release. “With an increasing number of DUIs nationwide over the last few years it is crucial that law enforcement agencies and District Attorney’s offices dedicate resources toward protecting unsuspecting victims from the destruction that DUI drivers leave both physically and emotionally on their victims and the victims’ families.” In an interview with the Express in June, Reisig said he was “totally fine with cannabis being legal” for adult use, though he acknowledged he initially opposed the voter-backed measure that would lead to widespread legal marijuana use in the state. The opposition, he said, came from dual concerns that the substance would fall into the hands of children and that legality would lead to a “Wild West” of cannabis growth popping up throughout the county, which he said started happening when voters ultimately approved legalization. After marijuana was legalized through Proposition 64, Reisig said he began working with the public defender’s office to erase certain pot-related convictions. In August, state legislatures voted to formalize that process by requiring all county district attorneys work with public defenders to identify and ultimately erase some marijuana-related convictions.]]>

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