Yolo Hospice events continue ‘end of life’ conversation

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After the success of the Being Mortal Project, which reached over 1,500 people at more than 30 events from 2016 to 2017, Yolo Hospice is continuing the conversation around end-of-life wishes with two new events: “How Doctors Want to Die” and “What Happens After We Die.”  Both events will be held at ACC Senior Services’ Community Center in Sacramento.

Yolo Hospice previously held two similar events in Woodland in the fall.  The success of those events inspired them to hold these additional ones, bringing them to the Sacramento area in partnership with ACC Senior Services.

“We were amazed by the response to our Being Mortal events,” says Louise Joyce, manager of community relations at Yolo Hospice. “We felt it uncovered a deep desire in the community to have these conversations about what we want at the end of our lives.  Having the conversation now helps ease suffering when those final days come.  We’re very excited to invite the community to two new events, with new ways to approach those conversations.”

“How Doctors Want to Die” will be held on March 29 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at ACC Senior Services’ Community Center (7334 Park City Drive, Sacramento). This one-hour event explores how physicians make end-of-life choices, and how it may be different from what the general public does. There will be a viewing of a 12-minute clip from Consider the Conversation: Part Two, followed by a facilitated discussion.

“What Happens After We Die” will be held on April 5 from 3:30-5 pm at ACC Senior Services’ Community Center (7334 Park City Drive, Sacramento). A thought-provoking event, the goal is to open a dialogue around different beliefs on what happens to people after death. There will be a panel discussion bringing in highly varied perspectives. Panel participants include representatives from Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as a psychic.

According to Craig Dresang, CEO of Yolo Hospice, “I’ve wanted to hold an event like this for a long time.  It should spark some very interesting discussion and give people opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs, and to learn about beliefs others hold.”

An optional advance care planning workshop will be held immediately after each event, for anyone who wants to take action on recording their own wishes.

Anyone interested in attending either or both events should sign up with Yolo Hospice by calling 530-601-5778 or emailing rsvp@yolohospice.org.


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