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By Germaine Hupe Winters Theatre Company/Special to the Express

The members of the Winters Theatre Company have been rehearsing “All’s Well That Ends Well,” this year’s selection for the annual Shakespeare Under the Stars Production. The play will be presented for two weekends, Friday and Saturday evenings on Aug. 3 and 4, and on Aug. 10 and 11 in the amphitheater behind the Winters Community Center.

“All’s Well That Ends Well” is technically classified as one of Shakespeare’s comedies because it has a happy ending and clever dialog, but modern critics would term the play a comedy-drama because it also deals with serious problems such as hypocrisy, duplicity and class-consciousness.

The main plot concerns Helena, the talented daughter of a famous physician. Helena cures the King of France of a serious disease. The monarch rewards her with a noble husband and rich dowry. Bertram, the Count of Roussillon, is Helena’s first choice because she has long been in love with him. But young Bertram, a spoiled, ambitious man, wants no part of a marriage with a mere middle-class woman and aspires to an advantageous union with a lady of the nobility who would bring him greater status. The King orders the immediate wedding ceremony, a command that Bertram dares not disobey. However, after the ceremony he leaves his bride and his country for the foreign wars, and Helena, an unkissed bride, begins her search for him and to prove her worth.

The play also contains the character of Parolles, one of Shakespeare’s brilliant comic portrayals. Parolles is a braggart, a coward, a liar and a traitor. His antics produce some of the play’s truly “comic” situations.

Admission is $5, with tickets available at the door, but children under 12 are free if accompanied by an adult. Bring a blanket, a lawn chair, a picnic or snacks and enjoy an evening under the stars with the Winters Theatre Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well.”

More information is available on the Winters Theatre Company website at or contact us at or 530-795-4014.]]>

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