Series of events stall Chevron opening

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Efforts to tear down and rebuild the Chevron’s mini-mart, add a Togo’s sandwich shop and build a car wash have been underway for some time. As many residents and travelers alike have noticed, although construction has ceased for some time, none are yet open for business.

The stall, as explained by owner Mike Ali, has been a frustrating series of events.

When the City of Winters signed off on the improvements, they issued a list of Conditions of Approval. One of the conditions was for frontage street improvements along Grant Avenue to be completed prior to occupancy. The required street improvements include removing approximately 100 feet of existing sidewalk, repouring it in accordance with approved plans, adding landscaping and installing a two-foot wide median.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and AT&T are involved because underground cables and utility lines need to be installed before the new sidewalk can be poured. Ali said all that’s fine, but there’s a catch. PG&E has not been able to schedule the utility work because of the wildfires and Caltrans isn’t able to do their work until PG&E’s work is completed.

In the meantime, opening the gas station, mini-mart, Togo’s and car wash has come to a halt.

Ali had to obtain a permit from Caltrans for the required street work. The various delays caused the permit to expire and renewing it added additional delays. The sidewalk work is anticipated to take four days to complete, yet the city won’t allow the station to open until it is completed, Ali said.

Ali attempted to convince the city to allow him to open until the frontage improvements could be begun and then he would close until they were completed. The city didn’t agree and wasn’t comfortable providing temporary occupancy.

“My understanding is that the frontage improvements will begin once Caltrans completes the pavement work that is underway, which should be in the next couple weeks. The delays in project management created conflicts with Caltrans scheduling,” said City Manager Kathleen Salguera Trepa.

In the meantime, the Chevron remains closed until the improvements are completed.

“It’s only 100 feet of sidewalk,” Ali said.

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