ACGI Fitness opens new Winters studio

Anyone Can Get It Fitness offers boxing classes for youth and adults to learn the basics and fine-tune techniques. (Courtesy photo)

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While the pandemic shut down gyms and fostered bad habits, Elvis Eltagonde saw fit to undo the damage by creating Anyone Can Get It (ACGI) Fitness. A combination of functional fitness and boxing fundamentals, this exercise enterprise gives Winters a puncher’s chance at wellness.

A California kid, Eltagonde was born in Salinas, grew up in the Sacramento/Roseville area and has a wife with familial roots in Sonoma and Winters. A Winters local himself, Eltagonde was originally a carpenter by trade until COVID flipped everything upside down.

“I would go to work, was used to working out and moving, then boom! Time stopped and I thought ‘oh man, what am I going to do?’ I knew there was limited resources for exercise around town at the time, so little by little I started building my garage gym,” Eltagonde said, explaining the genesis of ACGI Fitness. “I ended up training one of my family friends a little bit, got him started and got some good results. From there I decided to go on and get my certification and everything I needed to do to start training people.”

With a father who is a former Golden Glove boxer, Eltagonde hosted boxing lessons over Zoom where he saw great turnouts. Now, with momentum behind his new ambition, Eltagonde and his wife began to formulate what this fitness business could look like.

“When I was going to the gyms around here and everywhere else, I saw people were intimidated because they didn’t look a certain way. So, my wife and I decided we want to highlight these people, the general population, these people who are putting in the hard work to get there. That’s where we came up with the ‘Anyone Can Get It,’” said Eltagonde. “I dedicated myself to figuring out how I can help everybody, not just the typical boxer or the typical weightlifter. It all started coming together after the Zoom sessions and it’s been a snowball effect. You know, Winters is a small town and word just spread from person to person.”

Although Eltagonde has created a welcoming atmosphere, when one steps into his gym at 205 First St., they’d better be prepared for a workout that’s as challenging as it is fun.

“We’re doing metabolic resistance training, so it’s a HIIT (high intensity interval training) timer, but we’re incorporating resistance. There’s weights, bands, slam balls and we’re trying to build the muscles and then have days that’s pure, scientific boxing,” said Eltagonde. “Monday, Wednesday

and Friday you get weight training, and then Tuesday and Thursday are purely mechanics. We’re not trying to attract fighters to come in here and train, we’re really trying to teach the everyday person the mechanics as well as give them a fitness routine.”

Eltagonde’s gym is filled with vibrant lights, upbeat music and a sense of community. 

For those who are skeptical about joining, Eltagonde is offering a free trial for both the boxing or HIIT style training classes he offers.

Stay up-to-date on everything going on with the gym by following ACGI Fitness on Instagram (@anyonecangetit_fitness) or online at

Get more information on ACGI Fitness programs by calling 916-642-9987.

With so much stress built up over a pandemic, boxing and fitness are ways to knock it out one punch at a time.

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