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After launching the Winters Collective in 2019, Meika Ogando now seeks to duplicate that success with the launch of the Studio Collective. With a wide array of classes and experiences to offer, the Studio Collective offers the community opportunities to learn new things.

A local girl through and through, Ogando created the Winters Collective so individuals could start their own business with a low investment and thrive. She also had a designated space for youth and adult art classes, workshops and gatherings. With the arrival of the coronavirus, however, she had to make quick remedies.

“Once COVID hit, it felt like a sad use of space and I made the decision to let one of my vendors, Twinkle and Moon, expand their baby and kid section there since indoor gatherings seemed far from happening,” Ogando said. She went on to talk about creating a new space. “Around the corner was a commercial space sitting empty from losing a tenant due to COVID. I wanted to make sure it was something valuable for the community and available if my Collective members wanted to host workshops again once allowed.”

After months of waiting – and being cooped up in the house with her three children – Ogando opted to take action, purchase the space and provide a safe place for them to engage in activities.

“Winters is an amazing community to raise a family; yet we are missing organized activities for kids. I contacted an old friend, Jamieson Romney, and asked him if he would do Jiu Jitsu classes for my children along with a few friends,” said Ogando. “We talked about the need for kids’ classes in town and he was entertaining the idea of opening his own gym. I was happy to let him use the space to test his classes before making any big investments in a new business during COVID. As time went by, he had classes filled and children and adults were loving it. Months later, Community Spirit Martial Arts was created.”

Ogando didn’t stop there. With a little inspiration from her 6-year-old daughter, she established a summer dance camp with Applegate Dance Studio from Davis. After two sessions of ballet and contemporary dance for children five and up, the camp is continuing as dance classes in the fall.

Rose Pole Fitness was with the studio since its opening, but has since opened a new studio in Roseville. Filling the void, however, is Kimberly Unger and her yoga classes.

“We have a very relaxed setup, as my intent is to make it extremely easy for people to offer classes to the community and grow their business in town,” said Ogando. “Creating this collective style model seems to make the most sense for small businesses in order to lessen the burden of high operating costs. I’m thrilled with the success, support and community feedback it has received. Especially considering the added difficulties navigating business throughout COVID, wildfires, and power outages since opening.”

For more information about the Studio Collective, contact Ogando at One can also visit the Winters Collective at 41 Main St. during business hours or The Studio Collective at 305 First St.

To learn more about or sign up for any of the offered classes, reach out directly to:

*Community Spirit Martial Arts at or
*Kimberly Unger Yoga at or
*Applegate Dance Studio at or


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