Local dental practice welcomes new dentist

Dr. Kinga Fiedorczuk (left) joins Dr. Ana Maria Antoniu and hygienist Dan Margarit on the Smiles of Winters team. (Rick von Geldern/Winters Express)

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Smiles of Winters dental office has hired a new associate dentist to their practice.

Dr. Kinga Fiedorczuk, referred to as “Dr. Kinga” around the office, joined Dr. Ana Maria Antoniu and her staff at the Grant Avenue dental practice to provide general dentistry.

Fiedorczuk received her dental license in 2019 after attending dental school, passing her dental boards and then completing a 28-month program at Rutger’s University.

Prior to joining Smiles of Winters in August, she worked for both a private and corporate dental office.

Born and raised in Poland, Fiedorczuk and her family immigrated to the United States when she was in high school and settled in Chicago. She didn’t speak English when she arrived, so during high school she said it was easier for her to focus on math and science courses while she learned English.

With a passion for art, Fiedorczuk said she loves anything of a manual nature such as sculpting and painting. In fact, at one point during high school she told her parents she wanted to be an artist, but they didn’t waste any time telling her she needed to find a “real job.”

Interestingly, during her junior year of high school she took a career test that identified the profession of dentistry as one career option she should consider.

After high school, Fiedorczuk attended Loyola University Chicago graduating with a bachelor’s of science degree in biology and chemistry. During college, she worked in a dental office where she acquired a passion that led her to decide on a career in dentistry.

After college, Fiedorczuk returned to Poland and enrolled in a five-year dental school program. During the first two-years she studied alongside medical students until medical and dental students took different educational tracks and she entered the specialized study of dentistry.

Upon graduation, Fiedorczuk was one of 1,400 applicants vying for acceptance to Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Of the 1,400 applicants, she said only 30 were accepted and that she was one of the 30. Twenty-eight months later Fiedorczuk earned her Dental Medicine degree from Rutgers.

Fiedorczuk said she has always enjoyed working with her hands and the practice of dentistry blends this lifelong interest with her interest in science. “Dentistry is the gateway to overall health. I want to make people healthier. I want patients to feel good,” she said.

Fiedorczuk’s specialty is in general dentistry, although she has been trained to recognize different pathologies. When support is needed for a case requiring a specialty beyond her scope, “we collaborate with specialists to help the patient get the help that they need.” she said.

How is dentistry advancing? Very rapidly, said Fiedorczuk, from painless injections, use of artificial intelligence, impressions made with scanners, 3D printers creating crowns to software that detects cavities from x-rays and identifies weak areas of a tooth.

Asked how she landed in Winters, Fiedorczuk said, “I think it was fate” adding that as she gets herself settled into the dental office she is hoping to buy a house here.

“As an owner, I want to assure all my patients that I picked Dr. Kinga out of a very large pool of interested people. My selection process is very rigorous, very careful,” said Antoniu.

“When looking for an associate dentist we wanted someone who was not only a good fit for the office, but also for the community,” added hygienist Dan Margarit.

Fiedorczuk said she likes the community and the dental office team; all whom she has found to be most welcoming and supportive.

Outside of work, her hobbies include travel and trying different restaurants. As for her local food likes, the tacos from El Pueblo have become a favorite.

Smiles of Winters is located at 111 East Grant Ave., Ste. A., in Winters. Visit www.smilesofwinters.com or call 530-795-4556.

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