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Green River Brewing & Taproom has found a new general manager in Patrick Colon. With over two decades in the service industry, Colon is ready to take on the challenges of this role and blaze a trail to a successful future for this family business.

Patrick Colon is the new general manager at Green River Brewing & Taproom.
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Months ago, Colon responded to an ad on for the general manager position at Green River. Colon arrived for an interview with owner John Neil, however he didn’t realize the familial ties that already bound him to the Neil family.

“When I first met John he said he grew up in the Reno, Sparks area. I did the math and asked if he went to the Sparks Middle School. He said, ‘Yes’ and I said my grandfather worked there,” Colon said explaining the predestined connection. “John then asked if my grandfather was Mr. Dickey. I told him he was. John teared up a little and told me my grandfather taught him so much about sports and life.”

With this serendipitous discovery, Colon was officially hired on Sept. 15. His experience spans back to washing dishes in Reno at age 16. Since then, he’s worked as a chef at the Virgin Islands, worked at UC Davis, was the catering chef at Sacramento State University, was the food and beverage manager at Wild Horse Golf Course in Davis and much more.

“Staffing’s been a challenge just like it is everywhere else. I want to bring in the best people and provide the best customer service we can,” Colon said about the challenges he faces as general manager. “Three days before I was hired, a guy was coming from Winters Road, missed the turn, split the trees and hit our walk-in area, and destroyed the food prep area and beer wall kegs.”

While this incident could be seen as a bad omen, Colon and Green River management are taking it in stride, rebuilding and are already working with the county to prevent this from happening again.

Colon has also been issued a creative challenge from the Neils to make Green River his own. It’s a challenge he’s tackling with great enthusiasm and foresight.

 “I want to make Green River the premier place to watch sports and listen to live music. We’re also going to try to make a kids area with activities, a bounce house and make the sand area a little larger,” said Colon. “We’re also thinking about a possible cornhole arena, we’re going to try to ramp up concerts and we also want to build a beer wall downstairs as well.”

With the aforementioned ambitions on the to-do list, Colon has already gotten started on creating a new, diverse menu filled with his best hits. He’s also gotten to work on installing Direct TV boxes in the tent downstairs so visitors will have their go-to spot for watching sports.

To keep up on all the exciting new changes flowing down Green River, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

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