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A customer checking out at Winters Market. (Courtesy photo)

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The Winters Market (3 Grant Ave.) has been a landmark of the town for years. Now under new management, this centrally located haven for goods is headed towards a bright future with more to offer the town it derives its namesake.

With the paperwork beginning in April, Sumandeep Singh and his family officially took over ownership of the Winters Market on July 1. However, it wasn’t profit that drove the Singh family to take over the business, it was the town itself.

“It’s a nice little community. There’s no Walmarts or Best Buys and the community helps each other out,” said Singh. “The amazing thing is how nice people are. It’s like one big, friendly neighborhood where everybody knows each other.”

While the Winters Market serves the town, its particularly special for the students of Winters High School. For years, at every break and lunch, the Warriors flood the store for their fix of drinks, chips and snacks.

“It’s such a small community. The kids know each other and they know us and we do anything we can to help the kids,” Singh explaining the relationship his family has cultivated with the WHS students. “Sometimes if they don’t have cash, we tell them they can just pay us back. We’re just here to help them and the community the best we can.”

Unfortunately, not many people know that the Winters Market is under new management. To remedy this situation, Singh and his family are already making noticeable cosmetic changes. From the updated store sign and inside renovations to the brand-new mural painted on the side of the building by the Winters Participation Gallery, the Singh’s have weaved seamlessly into the community.

“There’s been a few challenges along the way. Getting to know everybody and letting people know there’s new management and a new inventory,” Singh said. “We’re planning on doing a re-opening to let Winters know the market is under new management and get our name out there.”

The changes to the Winters Market, however, are far more than cosmetic. Singh and his family are in the process of stocking the store with new products.

“We’re planning on getting hot food like pizza and other lunchtime foods. We’ll get more dairy products, cheese bread and other groceries,” Singh said. “We have new materials coming in, too, like coffee, a cappuccino machine and a slurpy machine. We’re getting new equipment, signage, floors, paining and LED lights. New things are coming slow and steady.”

Singh also plans on adding a section to the store with more Hispanic products.

To stay up-to-date with all the changes at the Winters Market, visit or on social media at by searching the Winters Market on Facebook and Instagram.

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