Bella Boutique shines on Main Street

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Main Street has an all-star lineup of local businesses and restaurants. One that shines bright and embodies a true brick and mortar feel is the Bella Boutique. Originally an antique store, the boutique is a testament to hard work and perseverance.

Becky Rivas started her business back in 2005 near the old Winters Express location. While specializing in antique furniture, the artisan-made wares were admired but often above customers’ budgets.

“Mom originally opened with a business partner, then did it herself and the business went through a name change in that time. I started helping out in 2008 and have been there full-time since 2010,” said Dillan Rivas, Becky’s son and store ambassador. “After moving locations twice, we evolved the business and have been doing jewelry since 2009.”

After switching business models, the Bella Boutique has been running smoothly with the mother and son duo at the helm. With affordability in mind, the boutique offers hand-crafted products that can’t be found anywhere else.

“We like to make things affordable for everybody, which made it easier switching from selling antique stuff,” Dillan said explaining how the affordability doesn’t come at the expense of quality. “One thing we offer other boutiques don’t are hand-crocheted hats, jewelry and stuff like that, that’s 100 percent our design. It’s something we do that maintains a unique niche because my mom crochets the hats and jewelry.”

Either handmade or curated by the mother and son, the boutique is a modern-day cottage industry business. It’s this charm that’s accumulated a loyal clientele near and far.

“Our locals support us and have always helped us out throughout the years. We also have customers from Davis, Vacaville and Woodland that come in to see us. We even have regulars from Louisiana and one from Paris. The one from Paris said our boutique is the closest thing to Paris she’s experienced and reminds her of home,” said Dillan. “It’s nice knowing that regulars come here just to see us, and that sometimes people plan their day visit to Winters around us. It’s cool we’re one more thing people come to Winters for.”

As convenient as online shopping might be, it fails in every regard to offer the human experience one would get from the Bella Boutique – or other local businesses for that matter. It’s the brick and mortar, ‘How’s-your-day-going’ experience that the Amazons of the world can never duplicate, and it’s all the more reason to shop local.

To stay up-to-date on all things Bella Boutique, visit their Instagram account by searching ‘beckysbellaboutique’ and their Facebook account at Becky’s Bella Boutique. Or, for the aforementioned “human experience,” visit the boutique in person at 21 Main St.

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