The Coffee Machine offers a cuppa

One can find the tan Coffee Machine truck near the wooden playground at the Winters City Park on the weekends, typically there from 9 a.m. to noon. (Aaron Geerts/ Winters Express)

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The community has found a new local source for that nectar of life known as caffeine in The Coffee Machine. Although it’s only been open for a year, this local business on four wheels has quickly become another perk of living in Winters.

During the pandemic, many opted to pick up a hobby. For longtime local Kirt Weatherwax, his pandemic hobby was learning the ins and outs of coffee. That hobby quickly brewed into a passion and Weatherwax poured that — and himself — into his new business, The Coffee Machine.

“In 2019, I was working in maintenance for the city of Sacramento and started working for city maintenance for the apartment complexes here in town. As COVID hit and we had to stay at home, I thought about what I’m passionate and said to myself, ‘there’s nothing like starting your day with a cup of coffee. Without it, you’re not whole,’” Weatherwax said explaining the start of his business. “I’ve always loved coffee and was home for about a year reading about coffee, the different flavors and the steaming of it. I went from there, purchased a truck, got it all put together and went out and got my business license.”

Alongside his love of coffee is Weatherwax’s desire to serve the town and bring more business to it. The ensuring smiles that follow a sip of his locally sourced coffee are both a perk of the job and what he loves most about it.

 “I love comforting people and listening to the people I live with. I’m the guy that will serve you an honest cup of coffee,” said Weatherwax. “I like doing dark roasts because it doesn’t give you the jitters. I make pretty much any type of flavor you want. I’ll steam it to a perfect foam without burning it, I’ll make you an iced coffee, lattes, americanos and anything you want. I’ve been studying it for about three years now just playing with it, mixing things up and seeing what’s good. I found the dark roast with different flavors like your sweet cream, vanilla and mocha goes good with a little peppermint, too.”

When it comes to sweet extras like adding chocolate, whipped cream or caramel, Weatherwax is happy to
provide it without nickel and diming his customers. If one isn’t happy with what they’re sipping on, Weatherwax insists they toss it in the trash while he happily makes another.

When it comes to social media and a website, The Coffee Machine is rather old school in the sense that it doesn’t have either. No advertising or social media, however, can beat good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

One can find the tan Coffee Machine truck near the wooden playground at the Winters City Park on the weekends. Although Weatherwax doesn’t have definitive hours, he’s typically there from 9 a.m. to noon serving up smiles.

“When I go to work and sit there, it’s not work. You get to see people at their happiest when they’re not stressed at work and on the run,” said Weatherwax. “You see them when they’re really humble and taking that good energy to just relax.”

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