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By Kathleen Salguero Trepa
Special to the Express

The new playground equipment that has been installed at both Blue Oak and Valley Oak Parks need replacement pieces so the equipment will be closed for one to two weeks while we wait for the new parts. Please remain off the equipment in the meantime as it has not been certified as ready for playtime. Also, work continues at Three Oaks Park. The landscape will require a three-month establishment period once completely installed before the park opens in order for the plant material to take hold. We’ll keep you posted on that schedule.

The new EV chargers at the Community Center have been programmed and are ready for use. Please note users will be charged for use.

We’re still looking for a tractor for the Putah Creek entrance into town. If you have an old one rusting in a field someplace, we would be happy to relocate it and provide a tax donation letter or purchase it at a reasonable cost. I’m told the damaged tractor cannot be repaired.

The pool heater thermometer needs to be replaced; the part has been ordered. In the meantime, during the week, staff manually heats the pool in the morning and turns it off around noon. Staff is also tarping the water to help maintain a comfortable water temperature. However, the weekend water temperatures will be chillier until the heater can be repaired since no one will be able to manually set the heater.

An Information Technology Virtual Career Fair will be held on Oct. 7 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., which will provide job seekers the opportunity to connect with over 30 State of California departments that are actively looking to fill hundreds of information technology openings. Attendees will gain access to live virtual booths where they can ask questions directly to departments. Interested parties can register for the job fair at or by visiting the YoloWorks! webpage. The State of California will also offer an hour-long “How to Begin Your Information Technology Career” seminar at 10 a.m. during the virtual career fair.

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