Council hears 2020-21 impact fee report

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The Winters City Council adopted Resolution 2021-89 at the Dec. 21 meeting by accepting the fiscal year 2020-21 Impact Fee and Five-Year Report. The report, submitted by Director of Administrative Services Shelly A. Gunby, is required by the State of California from local agencies that impose development impact fees.

New development, such as the City of Winters is experiencing, creates the need for new and expanded public services, infrastructure, future facilities development and maintenance. According to Gunby’s transmittal letter, “Development Impact Fees are used to finance the acquisition, construction and improvement of public facilities needed because of new development.”

Development projects are charged a fee by local government agencies in conjunction with project approval and issuance of a building permit, certificate of occupancy or development agreements. From these impact fees the City established nine public facilities funds to reduce the impact and cost for water, sewer, transportation, streets, parks, public safety, fire, monitoring and storm drains.

The report stated the City’s objective is to maintain its current level of service as development and the City of Winters continue to grow. It also noted that new development projects need to pay their share of the city’s infrastructure needs.

The report stated that, at the time, all fees being collected to the program have been earmarked for future projects.

The community benefit derived from collection and expenditure of these fees will be seen in new community parks, a new water well, wastewater treatment improvements, infrastructure enhancements, a new command fire vehicle and remodeling of the old police station.

As of June 30, 2021, the report reflects impact fee fund balances as follows: $1,153,488 water, $1,170,673 sewer, $703,044 transportation, $767,753 parks, $474,965 public safety, $946,468 fire, $1,068,189 general and $221,125 in the storm drain fund.

The final report is available on the City of Winters’ website under the Finance tab.

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