City establishing Climate Action Commission

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The Winters City Council approved measures to create a climate action commission and options for naming rights to elements of the new senior center at its meeting on Nov. 16. 

Climate Action Commission 
The new Climate Action Commission will help the city to implement its Climate Action Plan which was adopted in July 2021. New Senior Planner Kirk Skierski will chair the five-person commission. Councilmembers Pierre Neu and Jesse Loren will interview candidates for the remaining four seats. 

The city is seeking applicants who represent both technical expertise and a diversity of perspectives on the impact of climate change. “Ideally, we envision a commission with technical expertise scientists or indoor engineers, representation from high school or college students, seniors, farmers and farm workers in a local business community,” said Kathleen Trepa, City Manager.

Community members Kate Laddish and Kenneth Britten commended the council for their action to create the commission.

Britten, a recommended that the new group stay closely connected with the Design Review Commission. This way feedback on development projects can be heard as early as possible. 

“As I’m sure everyone is aware, the farther you get along the planning process for any given project, more investment, or even made much greater cost that is to changing it,” said Britten. “If the climate Commission has a good idea and does it late, it might be too expensive to actually incorporate it; whereas if it were done early, it will be more likely to to go into the project.”

Other Business
The fundraising group appointed by the city council to outfit the senior center has identified areas that could be named after major donors. 

The council approved the list of prices for naming rights to various areas and fixtures. The community room, main room, and library are among areas with available naming rights. 

In addition, outdoor benches and commemorative bricks have available naming rights; however, the building itself won’t be available for naming. Sandra Vickery said that the building simply be called the Winters Senior Center.

Vickery said, “We’d like it named just simply that way to honor all of the seniors in our community.”

Councilmember Pierre Neu, who has attended nearly all of the planning meetings, commended the work on the Senior Center.

“They’ve really been working hard,” said Neu.

Main Street road closures
Main Street’s weekend road closure is scheduled to end on Dec. 13 after the Holiday Bazaar event on Dec. 11. 

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