Natural Resource Commission considering goals, salmon deaths

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The Natural Resource Commission discussed plans for their first projects at their meeting on Nov 15.

Commissioners suggested a number of potential projects for the commission to take on. Issues of concern included light pollution, fire-safe landscaping, and a street tree directory.

As an advisory commission, the Natural Resources Commission, does not have a budget. City Manager Kathleen Salguero Trepa advised that the work plan can be used both to develop a project list, but also to establish a relationship with the City Council.

“Developing a work plan and discussing it with council becomes important,” if the commission would want to develop a new policy or program in partnership with city staff, said Trepa.

Among the possibilities discussed were liaisons to send to specific city commissions such as the Design Review Commission.

Councilmember Kate Laddish echoed Trepa’s suggestion and added that a liaison the the new Climate Action Commission might be useful.

“In some other instances that I’m a part of that’s that’s actually been been really helpful to make sure that we have the liaison situation set up in addition to kind of discreet projects,” said Laddish.

Chair Kurt Balasek will draft a work plan to discuss at their next meeting.

Salmon mortalities
Streamkeeper Rich Marovich gave the commission an update on the return of salmon population. The Wildlife Refuge is releasing water into the creek with low levels of dissolved oxygen into Putah Creek. So far there have been 76 salmon mortalities.

Other Business

“Somebody ought to know something about water quality and want to be able to help them and they just don’t seem to be responding,” said Marovich.

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