A Quick Opinion: Fall is here, but where is our rainfall

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The wind picked up last weekend and all I could think about was the firemen out on the line trying to put out multiple fires. As soon as they get the upper hand on one, another one pops up and off they go, again.

The weather map showed a chance of rain on the California and Oregon border, and I was thinking that a little rain over all of California could help put out the current fires and maybe keep the next one from becoming a monster like the rest of them in 2020. Remember, don’t say things can’t get worse because as we are seeing, things can and are getting worse.

We have a granddaughter that is starting high school this year. I almost feel sorry for her, but then I think of all the freshmen in college that are going to miss out on the joy of finding new friends, new adventures, new challenges and hopefully a road that will start them on their way in life. Like Yogi Berra liked to say; “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” There will be plenty of forks in their roads and they will make some great decisions and maybe some that don’t turn out so well.

One thing that new college students will be doing is partying. They may be told not to, but it is the law that college students have to drink beer and party. When college kids drink beer and party they don’t stay six feet apart and wear masks. Not only will they catch the COVID-19 virus but they will spread it to the rest of us.

Yolo County has been strict in enforcing the closure of some businesses and limiting other businesses to who, how many and where their customers can sit. Winters is doing all that it can to help our local businesses and I’ve made it a point to eat out more than I have in the past. They need our help to survive and I fear that a lot of our local businesses won’t make it through this year. Several have already called it quits.

Our percentage of people with the virus is dropping and the number of people in hospitals is also dropping. If we can get to an acceptable level, the county supervisors will allow us to return to an almost normal life. That won’t happen if we count UC Davis students in our count. The county supervisors should be looking at micromanaging the county and allow cities that have learned to behave, reopen as much as possible. If our virus counts go up we will have to slow down and come up with a Plan B, C or Z.

I’m not sure what the solution to our virus problem is, but I’m betting on a vaccine. I don’t want to be the first one in line, but the longer this goes on, the closer to the front of the line I’ll be. I’ll wait until November to get my flu shot, like always, but I will have a conversation with my doctor about the COVID-19 vaccine.

When my doctor asked me a question, especially if he asked me what I think about a treatment, I always look about the room and ask him where my medical degree is hanging? He laughs and tells me what he thinks I should do, or take. I laugh when he tells me to lose weight and exercise. I tell him I golf for exercise and he tells me to play at least five times a week. I ask him for a prescription and he sends in his assistant to make my next appointment.

Remember to send in your rainfall guesses, 13 Russell Street, Winters, CA 95694. My official guess is 20.20.”

Stay safe and have a good week.

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