Elder Day Profiles Week 2

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Jose Diaz

Jose Diaz was born September 26, 1928 in Aguas Calientes, Mexico in a grass hut.  His earliest memories are of going into the hills to harvest corn and beans.  He was raised in an adobe home with a separate room for cooking. The floor was made of woven tules.  Diaz recalls his father being gone for long periods of time working in the United States. Diaz taught himself how to drive at age 33 and his first car was a Datsun pickup.  

His first girlfriend was a girl he saw in church and she kept looking at him during mass.  Afterwards there was a fiesta and he asked permission from her parents to visit with her. Once he had their permission, their dates consisted of having to communicate from opposite sides of a wall.  Touching was not allowed. But they did get married and had five daughters, two died in early childhood, and his wife, died after ten years.

A second marriage produced three daughters and two sons.  One son and one daughter from this marriage died when they were very young as well.  

Diaz’s parents left him a piece of property and on it he built a home.  

His first job was working in the fields planting corn as a child.  His work experience included doing construction building houses. He came to the United States in 2000.  

Gardening – growing green thing – is something Jose loves to do; he also enjoys baseball and soccer.  Watching his grandchildren play sports is very enjoyable.

“The best thing about growing older is having your family nearby,” Diaz says.

“I spend a lot of time praying at Church.”

Happy times were watching his children get married; the hardest times were losing his wives in death.  His advice to young people?

“Be honorable. Don’t drink or smoke. Appreciate good advice.”

What would Diaz like his children and grandchildren to remember about him?  

“That I was encouraging, a good person, a hard worker, loved sports, religion, and wants these things to be important to them.”







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