City of Winters to Enforce Fireworks Laws and Regulations

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The Bobbie Greenwood Swim Team and Winters Little Baseball League prepare for their annual sales by Lorenzo’s Town and Country Market.
The Winters Fire Department and Police Department team up each year to provide a safe Independence Day celebration.

The limit on the number of permits allotted for fireworks sales in the City of Winters will be permitted this week. Here are a few reminders of laws, regulations and permits to sell per the City of Winters and the Winters Police Department.

Starting at noon, Thursday, June 28th through noon, Friday, July 6th  “safe and sane fireworks” may be sold and discharged in the city of Winters (Municipal Code 8.24.010).

“Safe and sane fireworks” means any fireworks which do not come within the definition of “dangerous fireworks” or “exempt fireworks” as defined in Health and Safety Code 12529. CSO G. Jimenez clarified that dangerous fireworks include “mortars, candles, or any firework that explode in the air and produces a spark”, and should not be ignited without a special permit. Jimenez states that a “sane firework” would be a firework that is “contained on the ground” and mentioned a firecracker as an example.

It is unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale any fireworks within the city except as expressly permitted (8.24.020). No person shall sell fireworks within the city without first having applied for and received a permit (8.24.030).

Karla Sanders with the City of Winters confirmed that two permits applications have been submitted and granted. Permits have been allotted to the Winters Swim Team and Winters Little Baseball League.

The Winters Swim Team is in need of volunteers for their fireworks booth. The days and hours are noted on their Facebook page, or by Alissa at the Bobbie Greenwood Community Swim Center, Monday through Friday, 9:30a.m. to 12 p.m. They will be using the funds earned at the booth to keep registration fees low.

Both fireworks booths are set up along Highway 128 east of Berryessa Sporting Goods and Lorenzo’s Town and Country Market. Each group plans to begin selling on Thursday, June 28 until dusk each day. Get out and support local youth programs by purchasing all this year’s fireworks at either stand.

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