Community celebrates newest mural, honors Kate Humphrey

The 2022 Winters History Mural depicts the history of mail delivery in Winters, beginning with the Pony Express. (Crystal Apilado/Winters Express)

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Muralists and community members gathered to celebrate the completion of the 2022 Winters History Mural project outside of the Winters Post Office building on Monday, Oct. 3. This year’s ceremony included multiple celebrations of achievements and key people.

Winters Participation Gallery board members Irene Goya-Tweedt and Valerie Whitworth gave praise to Winters Postmaster Aimee Lassalle for supporting the project.

Muralist Celestino Galabasa, Jr. (left) celebrates his retirement from the Winters Post Office after serving as a mail carrier for 34 years. Muralist Jaime Montiel applauds him. (Crystal Apilado/Winters Express)

“Aimee was the biggest cheerleader of this project,” Whitworth said of Lassalle’s efforts to help get the project approved by the building owners.

The mural features the history of mail service in Winters history and includes the roots of the train and Pony Express, all the way to honoring Celestino Galabasa, Jr. who recently retired after serving 34 years as a postal carrier in town.

Winters High School art teacher Kate Humphrey, who died on Sept. 14, was honored at the event. Both Whitworth and Goya-Tweedt noted that Humphrey was an integral part for all of the mural projects as well as a beloved teacher.

“We all know that we are all deeply feeling the loss. As a parent I know what she did to support my children, and as parents we know what that means to us,” Goya-Tweedt said. “To know that we had somebody there who was loving our children and supporting our children, and just being there for them in the way that we can’t always be as parents.”

Humphrey’s family was in attendance, including her husband Mark Beason. Goya-Tweedt thanked them for allowing WPG to honor and “cherish someone who is special to you who is also special to us.”

A memorial plaque will be put on the mural honoring Humphrey. Goya-Tweedt said the plaque will read, “The Winters Historical Mural Project is dedicated to Kate Humphrey. She embraced the world with grace, joy, and effervescence. To her the world was a canvas and no matter the medium, one could make it beautiful.”

Sabrina Rivas was awarded the third annual Tim Duncan Memorial Scholarship. (Crystal Apilado/Winters Express)

The third annual Tim Duncan Memorial Scholarship went to Sabrina Rivas. Duncan, who died in August 2020, was an active part of the Participation Gallery board and within the art community. Duncan’s sister Gail Casson (and her husband Paul) awarded Rivas with the scholarship award at the ceremony.

Muralist Jaime Montiel said that Rivas started as one of the youngest participants five years ago, and now has begun to lead by example by guiding newer students in project tasks.

The 2022 student muralist crew included Rivas, Jack Jordling, Christina Ramirez, Evelyn Frazier, Lola Garibay, Jack Dennis, Hawk Selleck, Yarethzy Sanchez, Eden Miller, Raquel Galabasa and Holly Selleck.

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