Elder Day 2019

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On Saturday at St. Anthony Parish Hall was decorated with table linens and flowers as if for a wedding. The 2019 third annual celebration was held in honor of: June Swingle, Evelyne Rominger, Baldomero “Baldy” Ramos, and posthumously, Dorothy Jones. Elders 90 years and above are honored for their value and commitment in the Winters community, so far there have been 22 community members honored.   Since 2017 Winters Elders have been honored for their legacies and the tremendous effort they spent to  making the community valuable. Through the collection of their stories we keep a history of Winters alive, as well as remind ourselves and others that our lives are very individual, but we contribute to the fabric of society,’ wrote Jesse Loren.    Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor, emceed the event with his silver tongue and ready banter, chatting up each honoree and asking pointed questions about their lives, how they came to settle here and make Winters so very special. Jokingly he suggested the honorees will have to build a new room in their house to hang the wagon load of 5 framed proclamations each describing their honor by a high ranking official and officially signed by our California State Senator Bill Dodd, Congressman John Garamendi and by Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor himself and the Mayor of the City of Winters, Bill Biasi.   Don Saylor drew attention to the many large black and white portraits of the honorees, and several smaller photos in color were hanging on the wall behind the stage, all captured by Woody Fridae. Saylor said “Woody’s portraits really capture something interesting of each of the individuals”  and adding “We are, none of us just a number and a name, these photos really capture the people in their own special way.” Each 2019 Honoree will have their interview and portrait printed in upcoming editions of the Express. The council honored past recipients in attendance: Marilyn Jones, Mary Hemenway and Richard Rominger. Elder day is organized by The Elder Day Council: Wally Pearce, Sharon Pearce, Marianne Boyer, Irene Goya-Tweedt, Council Member Pierre Nue, Council member Jesse Loren and former Mayor Woody Fridae. The council also honored previous Elder Day honorees in memoriamMarion “Mary” Caselli, Dick & Carmen Rubio, Alejandro Arroyo, Jesse Gill and Mary Rolston. For more information on Elder Day call 530-771-7265.  ]]>

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