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Rebecca Fridae created the Eco Health class during the last few years of her time at Winters Middle School. The class was wide ranging, covering topics like healthy eating, the effects of single-use plastics and global warming. Fridae said that the class was one of her proudest accomplishments in her time at WMS.

For one project, students wrote letter to the editor related to topics they learned about in class. Fridae has shared these letters with the paper. They will be printed over the next several editions.


The Spoon Struggle


In Eco Health class at the Middle School, we have been learning how to make the Earth better. There are many ways to help the environment, but one way we can help in our hometown is to watch the amount of plastic used. If all seven and a half billion people use three plastic spoons every day, imagine how many in a year!

Many places, such as The Scoop, Burger King, and Waggoner, Rominger, Middle school and High school use plastic spoons. This is a big problem! Walking down Main Street, you often see plastic spoons in the gutter. The broken pieces of plastic eventually may get in the water and hurt the ecological balance of the ocean. It is also hurting animals that live in the ocean.

A way that we could help is to change from plastic to compostable spoons, forks, and knives. Another way you could fix this problem is to make crafts with the plastic spoons such as vases or wall art.

In conclusion, If you feel this is an important issue, every time you are in a business or school that uses plastic ware, maybe you could ask them to change to compostable utensils.  If enough of us keep asking, maybe they will listen. If we all stop using plastic spoons, maybe there won’t be anymore plastic spoons on the ground or in the creek.


Kenneth Matheson and Luis Lara


“If it’s not far, don’t take the car”


Many people are taking their cars to go short distances. What they don’t know is that for every gallon that your car uses, when it mixes with air, produces about 19 pounds of exhaust. The carbon gases that come from cars is breaking up the ozone layer.

We researched some facts, and we found that about 30,000 people are killed by car fumes every year in the United States alone. Carbon Dioxide is a poison that stops your blood from getting oxygen. When you first start a car it makes the most carbon monoxide gas.

You could change that. Instead of using your car to short distances you could take a bike, a scooter, or even you could walk. You know how in downtown, there are so many cars that you never find a place to park? If you walk or go on your bike you don’t have to worry about that. Kids could walk to school and to the park, because it is Winters, and nothing is really far in Winters.

We learned a phrase, “If it’s not far, don’t take the car.” We could help stop pollution, help the parking problem in Winters, and get the added benefit of getting in shape if we all agreed to walk in town.


Ruby Campos Carpio, Buck Boykin, and Luis Astorg

Wasting water

Did you know that people in the U.S. waste over 1 billion gallons of water in one year because of leaking pipes, toilet tanks, and dripping faucets? If you have a dripping faucet that can fill up a glass in ten minutes, it means you might be wasting as much as 3,000 gallons in a year. That’s a lot!

We are struggling with not enough fresh water in California and places have become barren during drought times. Since water is taken for granted by us people, we don’t conserve and use it wisely. We let the water run when we brush our teeth and wash our vegetables, and wash our cars, so we use way more than we need to.    

We can fix this problem by thinking of some ways to not waste water. One way we can help is to check around your house for leaks, because if you have a leak, you can stop it as fast as you can. Try not to take a long time in the shower. Take five minutes taking a shower instead of taking an hour shower.

When you water your lawn don’t put too much, just enough to where you don’t waste gallons you don’t need to. Fix all leaks like faucets, pipes all over your house. These are the reasons how not to waste water in our community.


Angeles Sanchez, Sabrina Rivas and Gabriel Rougeau



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