Gearing up for next Winters mural project

The first Winters mural can be found along Newt’s Expressway behind the Anytime Fitness building. Rosemary Hemenway/Winters Express

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Inspiration comes from all directions, but in this instance, it comes from a small town in Sardinia. Some time ago, the town of Tinnura was visited by Valerie Whitworth and she had the inspiration to bring the town back home with her. Tinnura has made a name for itself by adorning its empty walls with colorful murals that represent the town’s history and culture. Many may have noticed over the years that Winters’ walls are now becoming their own works of art, and even though it has been a collaboration to make Winters murals happen, the town can thank Whitworth for her artistic foresight.  Whitworth eventually teamed up with WHS art teacher, Kate Humphrey, and The Winters History Summer Mural Project is now gearing up for yet another aesthetic endeavor. Student sign-ups have now closed, though this year for the first time due to the pandemic, Liz Coman, Laurie Garibay, and Rob Coman made it possible for students to be able to sign up online (previously it was a physical application to be obtained at the middle school or high school.) Formal interviews of participants have been done away with (for good,) and students now have the choice of taking part in the design phase, the painting phase, or both if they so wish. There are fewer applicants this year, and that is to be expected with the country’s current condition, but that can make the enrolled student’s time all that much more valuable. “This is a real-world design project and allows students to see every step of the process of designing for a client.  They can pitch ideas and make informed suggestions, but the client has the final say,” Humphrey said. “Some of them haven’t been in a situation like that prior to working on a mural and the collaboration has been fun for us to observe, and a real-life education for the participants.” Potential art owners (a business with a blank wall) are asked to attend the first design phase class, so that they may share their ideas of what may be painted, and are then allowed a final approval, but the rest comes from the students. Student ideas and student execution–except for the funding. These projects can cost anywhere from $12,000-$15,000 per mural, and fundraising is a large part of the project. Those who wish to help fund the newest addition to the town, can do so online at It is the hope that the murals will continue to appear until the town is able reflect its own history and culture to all that pass by, a reflection of generational collaboration, of transformation, and of progress. The newest mural sight has yet to be disclosed, but the efforts are fully under way, and even through a time of turmoil such as what the world is currently witnessing, art always finds a way.]]>

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