Out and About: One dapper duck

Eradyn Higgins and Stanley the duck are out and about for a walk. (Rick von Geldern/Winters Express)

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Eradyn Higgins and her walking partner, Stanley, were recently encountered strolling around town, where they frequently flock together.

Stanley is a two-year-old Indian Runner duck that Higgins adopted when he was one day old. No walking shoes or leash, just his trademark red bow tie and “duckcedo” that also serves as a diaper. 

Indian Runner ducks do not fly, and in Stanley’s case, he loyally walks along with Higgins, her husband and their Yorkie. 

Higgins and Stanley always seem to have time to stop and talk to the curious. When asked about safety concerns for dogs and traffic while out walking in public, Stanley, it seems, is more concerned with avoiding quacks in the sidewalk in fowl weather.

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