Student invites community to RSVP for capstone fashion show

Madeline MacMahon, a Winters High School senior, prepares for her Senior Capstone Project fashion show. (Courtesy photo)

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Madeline MacMahon, a Winters High School senior, is inviting the community to attend her Senior Capstone Project fashion show on March 18 from 4–6 p.m. at the WHS courtyard.

Through the event, MacMahon is looking to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and hopes that students participating will find the experience to be an uplifting, confidence boost.

The fashion show features a space theme and will feature a collection of clothing handpicked by MacMahon as well as collections from the Winters Collective.

Tickets will be $5 at the door on the day of the event. However, MacMahon is asking community members who plan on attending to RSVP ahead of time so she can give a headcount to the high school as well as to the WHS Culinary Program, which will be providing desserts at the event.

MacMahon said there will be an opportunity for attendees to shop a variety of pop-up shops.

MacMahon said she has always been interested in modeling, runway shows and fashion styles and trends. She recently applied to fashion design and merchandising college programs.

“I’ve always loved runway and fashion. I’ve had this Capstone in my head for four years — And now is my year of execution,” MacMahon said.

RSVP by March 3 to attend MacMahon’s Fashion Show or to donate clothing or accessories to be featured on the runway, visit

Capstone experience
One of the goals of the WHS Senior Capstone Projects is for students to experience growth. MacMahon said she had yet to plan an event, but this experience has taught her a lot about event management as well as pushed her out of her comfort zone.

“My leadership skills have improved a lot. My organizational skills and I learned to take initiative to contact brands and talk to people,” MacMahon said. “Stuff like that has helped me grow as a person. Prior to this, I wouldn’t have reached out to others. (The experience) pushed me to do it because I want my show to be good.”

The advice she shares with fellow WHS students who are working on their Capstone projects is to push past the fear of talking to others.

“A lot of people are willing to help if you ask them, but you have to be the first person to ask. You have to reach out first,” MacMahon said. “That’s the lesson I learned, that was hard for me. People are really generous if you ask them.”

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