City of Woodland offers free Adulting 101: Life Skills for Teens workshop

Any middle school or high school student in Yolo County can attend the free workshops to learn about life-skills not typically taught in school.

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Budgeting & Saving by Travis Credit Union Money matters. You have a whole lifetime to earn, save, invest and spend it. To avoid making costly mistakes in your future, don’t wait a lifetime to learn how to spend and save wisely. This is your opportunity to learn how to make the most of every penny to achieve the financial independence you want. College Financing & Scholarships by Travis Credit Union Everyone knows that college can be very expensive and figuring how to finance college can be confusing. There are various types of student loans, grants and scholarships available. Learn the different options and how to find scholarships. After all, why borrow money when you can get some for free? Job Application, Resume & Interview Tips by City of Woodland Human Resources Trying to land your first job? Get practical advice for completing a job application, resume building, and tips for job interviews. First impressions matter. Taxes, W-2s & W-4s by United Way California Capital Region Have a job? Learn how to complete all the tax forms that come with a job. From W-2s to W-4s, how to read a pay stub, and the biggest question of all, why we must all file tax returns and pay taxes. Self-Defense by Ramtown Karate Learn basic skills to defend yourself in real-life situations. Hands-on activities and lots of movement so comfortable clothing recommended. Social Media Etiquette by Yolo County Administrator’s Office Gen Z uses social media every day. From writing emails to using Instagram and Twitter, learn how to create a professional online presence that will help you in college and your future career. Informed Citizens by the Office of Senator Bill Dodd Can you spot the difference between real news and fake news? Learn how to be an informed citizen and be more critical of the media and the information you consume. Painting & Art by Woodland Public Library Unleash your inner artist and learn to paint a masterpiece that you can take home! All levels welcome, even those that have never picked up a paintbrush. Our art instructor, Sylvia will guide you, step by step. Makeup & Beauty by Veronica Marshall Have you ever tried to put on makeup by following a Beauty YouTuber and still didn’t get the results you wanted? Bring your own makeup, supplies and brushes and learn with a live model and demo. You’ll get one on one help with a professional makeup artist and put on makeup all by yourself! Mental Health & Self-Care by Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency Just because you’re a teen, doesn’t mean you don’t have problems or get stressed. Learn the signs and symptoms of emotional challenges, especially how to help a friend in need and how to take care of yourself. Yoga for Stress Relief by Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board Melt away the stress of homework by learning some deep breathing and stretching techniques in our beginner’s yoga class. Comfortable clothing recommended. Healthy Relationships & Sex Ed by Planned Parenthood Make sure you have all the facts you need to make the best choices for yourself and your sexual health. Learn about safer sex, no sex, and consent as part of a healthy relationship. Car Maintenance by Mojo’s A former air force mechanic will show you how an engine works. Everything from checking fluids, airing a tire, and changing a tire. Keep your mode of transportation in tiptop shape. Community Service & Leadership by All Leaders Must Serve Learn the keys to becoming a successful leader by serving your community. Overcome barriers and stereotypes to be your best self and make a positive impact. Eco-Conscious Living by City of Woodland Environmental Services Be environmentally friendly and learn all about recycling, composting, water conservation, and energy efficiency. Why is it important (climate change anybody?) and what we can do to help. Conflict Resolution by Yolo Conflict Resolution Center Whether it’s having disagreements with friends or families, conflict is a fact of life. We’ve all experienced conflict with those we care about. Learn techniques to make conflict productive and actually bring us closer. Healthy Cooking & Grocery Shopping on a Budget by Friends of the Woodland Public Library Chop, sauté, and cook ingredients into a healthy delicious meal. Learn the basics of cooking and how to grocery shop on a budget from a nutritional biologist. Perfect for soon-to-be college students and surviving beyond Top Ramen. Rights of Minors by Yolo County District Attorney Be an empowered teen and know your legal rights. Learn about the criminal justice system, how to embrace the system, rather than being afraid of it. Navigating High School by UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program Designed for middle school students who want insider tips on how to navigate high school. How to be successful, get involved, and be a competitive applicant for a four-year university. Navigating College by UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program Designed for high school students who want insider tips on how to navigate college and balance social life with academics. Meet and talk to a panel of college students and learn what college life is like. Adulting 101 is made possible through a grant supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian and also by Measure J. Students can register online at For additional questions or information, contact the Woodland Public Library at 530-661-5980 or Community Services Department at 530-661-2000.]]>

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