School board approves new Trustee Area redistricting map, considers future growth

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Scenario Four Rediscting Map at the Feb. 3 school board meeting. (Courtesy graphic)

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Winters Joint Unified School District Trustees approved a Trustee area redistricting map option ​that balances the populations dwelling within each area.

Trustees were tasked to choose between four Trustee area redistricting maps after data from the 2020 Census showed the current Winters JUSD voting areas (Trustee Areas) reflected an overall population growth of 569 (6.5 percent) and that the total overall variance difference of 22.8 percent put them out of compliance with the allowed 10 percent. In 2010, the overall variance had been 6.8 percent.

David A. Soldani from the law firm Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo (AALRR) and Carolyn Scholl from Cooperative Strategies had previously presented the results of their evaluation of the Census data from 2010 to 2020 on Nov. 18. Scholl returned to the Dec. 16 meeting with the original three initial scenario maps, and again on Jan. 20 with a fourth scenario map that reflected the Trustees concerns over future growth and making sure the current Trustees’ residences remained in their area.

Of the four map scenarios presented, Trustees approved Scenario Four redistricting map which reduces the variance to 9.6 percent in anticipation of the 2030 Census

The Scenario Four redistricting map was also drawn to leave as much space as possible in Trustee Areas Four and Five while remaining within the 10 percent overall variance. The City of Winters has potential housing developments planned within Trustee Areas Four and Five that include:

  • 200 dwelling units within the Winters Highlands subdivision, including 30 affordable units.
  • 40 entitled units in Creekside Estates.
  • 54 entitled units in the Walnut 10 subdivision.
  • 200 dwelling units proposed in the Farmstead subdivision (which is in process of being approved and finalized).

The Scenario Four map increases the Hispanic/Latino CVAP in Trustee Area 1 to 60.3 percent.

Winters resident Kate Laddish was the only public comment submitted on the maps. Laddish asked if there was precedence in the approach of considering the housing developments and future projects in creating a map scenario.

Trustees had asked a similar question at the Jan. 20 meeting. Trott relayed the answer Soldani had shared about other school districts who are also expecting major growth to occur in their areas and are considering map scenarios that reflect that growth.

When asked for his professional opinion on the matter, Soldani categorized the growth as a “local consideration” and that it was an important consideration.

“If I were a trustee I would probably lean towards four,” Soldani said. “You have the discretion to consider it, you do not have the legal (obligation) to consider it.”

Now that Trustees have approved a redistricting map, Scholl said that Cooperative Strategies will send the approved Scenario Four map to the Yolo County Registrar of Voters office.

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