School Board updates from Nov 15 meeting

Courtesy photo Alejandro Gallardo is one of the three graduates from the New Wolfskill High School program.

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Lead teacher Matt Moran gave kudos to three graduates from the New Wolfskill High School at the Nov. 15 Winters Joints Unified School District board meeting. What you see before you is our first graduates of the new Wolfskill,” said Moran. The three students participated in part of the new structure and curriculum transition from the original program to the Winters Career Readiness Academy at Wolfskill. Moran recognized graduate Alejandro Gallardo, the lone student present at the meeting, as a rising star in his program. “This year from the first day he asked what do I need to graduate? What do I need to do? What do you need to teach me?” said Moran. He also recognized graduates Stephanye Martinez and Ivan Garnica. Winters Elementary Schools Principal Greg Moffitt presented the Calif. School Dashboard Local Indicator update to Trustees. Moffitt said it is the centerpiece of the California schools accountability program and it brings all the important information to one spot. He said all education agencies are required to report on the following state priorities and included WJUSD specific notes where necessary:

  1. Appropriately Assigned Teachers, Access to Curriculum-Aligned Instructional Materials, and Safe, Clean and Functional School Facilities. WJUSD has flagged facilities not in good repair.
  2. Implementation of State Academic Standards: WJUSD has begun the implementation of newly adopted curriculum, professoinal development and CTE pathways.
  3. Parental Involvement: WJUSD includes analysis of parent engagement and involvement in the LCAP process.
  4. Pupil Achievement: WJUSD is reflected in the Calif. Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) testing data presented earlier to Trustees in the meeting.
  5. Pupi Engagement: Represented by WJUSD attendance data
  6. School Climate: WJUSD represented in California Healthy Kids Survey data
  7. Course Access: WJUSD students have access to a broad course of study and demographics matches the state projection.
  8. Pupil outcome: WJUSD students are ready for college or career readiness.
Moffitt concluded that the report would be submitted to the state as soon as possible as Trustees had no further questions regarding the informational item.]]>

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