The Polyorchids debut animated music video

Winters band The Polyorchids just produced a stop-motion video.
The Polyorchids are, from left, Justin Cox, Travis Cox and Tony Clark, all former Winters High School students. Courtesy photo

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The Polyorchids, a local band comprised of former Winters High School students, debuted the music video for their song “Popgun” this week. The song is the title track from their Popgun EP, which they released in late 2016. The video was made entirely on their own using stop-motion animation with zero budget.

The first portion of the video was shot early this summer, when guitarist/singer Justin Cox and his wife Bianca spent a few hours taking hundreds of sequential photos of their kids’ dinosaur toys as they moved them around the bedroom, staging an escape from a toy chest and battles with stuffed animals. Justin assumed he had enough for a full video in that one session, but when he clipped the photos together and sped them up, he realized he only had about 30 seconds.

So he did it again a few months later, this time with his son Noah, age 4, controlling the shutter while he moved the dinosaurs within a new scene, again for a few hours.

“It was only slightly more fun than it was tedious and exhausting,” said Justin, who edited the animated dinosaurs during his small windows of spare time in the months that followed. “But I love how it came out and I’m glad we did it.”

Bianca filmed the live band during a short afternoon session late in the summer, a session during which bassist Tony Clark happened to be passing a kidney stone. He got through the day, switched to a vegetarian diet, and Justin finished the video about a month later. The band debuted it on Facebook and YouTube on Oct. 23.

The Polyorchids play at Berryessa Brewing Company from 2-5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12, and Berryessa Gap on the evening of Nov. 22. Both shows are free. They also play Danny Secretion’s F*ck Cancer benefit show at the Press Club in Sacramento on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m.

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