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By Samantha Nickelson
Special to the Express

We all know that Winters is a family-centered community. Imagine, you find out you’re expecting, you’re thrilled, exuberant even. Nine months later you deliver a healthy baby that grows up happy, nourished, and with a family that provides for them.

The child flourishes and goes on to live a fulfilling life with a mother who can watch them grow. Now imagine someone told you because you do not live in a certain country, your child has a higher chance of dying before their fifth birthday. Imagine someone told you that because you do not live in a certain country you might not be alive to watch your child grow.

That special moment of finding out you’re expecting is tainted by fear. Fear of losing your life, fear of watching your child die. Now, what if I told you most of these deaths are preventable?

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act has the potential to help save the lives of 600,000 women and 15 million children by 2030. This senate bill requires the president to implement a holistic five-year approach that will contribute to the reduction of preventable maternal and child deaths.

Although this may seem counterintuitive, having safer pregnancies and births helps to decrease total population helping with many other problems like climate change. When children survive there is less of an incentive to have many children because their children actually survive.

Senator Dianne Feinstein knows how important this is and as a California resident, I am proud to say that our senator has cosponsored this bill. The Borgen Project advocates for the worlds’ poor. Check out their site, to learn more about The Reach Every Mother and Child Act.

Pregnancy should end in life, not death and that is why this bill is so important.

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