Express Yourself: Local residents help clean up around the Lake

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This year, 24 Winters students and community members geared up to help clean up the shores at Steele Park and Markley Cove in part of the annual Coastal Clean Up Day on Sept. 18. They collected 408 pounds in recyclables and another 1,167 pounds of trash.

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The Steele Park crew included Kalyssa Grinbergs, Trevor Grinbergs, Celeste Garcia-Rodarte and Alberto Duran. The Markley Cove crew included Bianca Dyer, Easton Rivera and Grayson Roberts. Garcia-Rodarte said it felt great to be out at the lake and even better to be cleaning it up. Rivera called the experience as wholesome and fantastic.

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“Overall amazing people and it was really nice to help out the community. Not only was it fun, but it was for a great cause,” said Rivera.

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