A healing and zenful escape in the Zen Room

The Zen Room is where the zero gravity zen chairs and foot soak bowls are housed. Photo by Aaron Geerts

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Believe it or not, there’s a place one can escape 2020. Through the doors of ZenTerra Spa, all stress, anxiety and cell phones turn off, and the healing effects of the family-made business begin.

During the construction process of the Winters Hotel, conversation stirred around the idea of opening a spa in it. That’s when Sherean Maynard’s husband, Sam – the hotel’s construction project manager – asked her if anyone came to mind as to who could manage a spa there.

With a number of years spent in health and wellness, Sherean suggested they run the spa. After mulling over the decision – and getting the approval of their four kids – the family agreed to take on the challenge.

“The day we decided to do it, the thought came to mind of a ‘Zen Room.’ A place people can come and feel like they’ve literally escaped,” Maynard recalled of her early inspiration. “We worked really hard so when the moment people walk in, they’re relieved of all their stress. From the colors, to lighting to protocols in the spa and the massage therapists we have. They’re amazing therapists that carry the energy of ZenTerra in the protocols we use in our treatments.”

One of the marquee experiences of the “Zen Room” is sitting in their zero-gravity chairs designed by NASA. Once reclined, one’s body feels as if it’s fallen asleep, leaving the mind to rest comfortably among thoughts and the low, ambient light.

“Within the Zero-Gravity Zen Experience, clients sit down and put their feet in our copper bowls, and we use minerals and Himalayan salts for the grounding foot bath. It’s not a pedicure, though, it’s much more of a rejuvenating experience,” Maynard detailed of the relaxing consequences of stepping into ZenTerra. “We also have our esthetician room where we have facials and hydro-facials which is a high-end treatment. Then we have other facials based on what people’s skin needs are.”

Walking through the facility, it’s hard to believe it was just Maynard and her family who created this five-star experience. From the copper bowls and aroma therapy, to the essential oils and ambient lights, the Maynards spared no expense getting people to live ZenTerra’s motto of ‘relax, restore and rejuvenate.’

Even amidst a global pandemic, ZenTerra remains a stress-free oasis. While constricting health regulations continue to rain down, sanitation has always been paramount to the spa.

“Before COVID, everything is set to be ultra-sanitary. You have to in a spa. If someone had been in the Zen Room, it was fully wiped down. That was already in place,” Maynard said about their already-rigid sanitation practices. “We’re extra cautious now having only one person to a room, but we can tell some people are a little scared. We tell them if they’re not comfortable they can come back.”

Maynard was especially proud to have helped perhaps the most-stressed individuals this year – first responders and teachers.

“We had so many teachers and first responders asking for appointments, we decided we’re essential and need to help them,” Maynard said about serving those who serve the community when they needed it most. “We’re so grateful because so many personally thanked us for having them in. We had people literally crying from so much stress and pressure.”

With colder weather on the horizon, a spa day at ZenTerra is the perfect way to lower cortisol levels and boost one’s immune system. Their many treatments also make for a thoughtful gift this holiday season. Simply check out their website, zenterraspa.com for a full list of their services and upcoming holiday specials.

It’s also not unheard of to spoil yourself with a spa day. With this incredible experience waiting around the corner at 8 Abby St., why not take Sherean Maynard’s suggestion and “give yourself the gift of self-care.”

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